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Wings of Glory
Inactive Purge: The Sequel
Jul 2, 09 5:05 PM
Quick Updates
Apr 15, 09 8:37 AM
Forum Cleanup
Feb 13, 09 2:30 PM
Wings of Glory Has a New Address!
Feb 13, 09 10:54 AM
The future of castle attempts
Feb 3, 09 9:03 PM

Light the Path Beneath the Blackened, Burning Sky!


Inactive Purge: The Sequel

rolandfoxx, Jul 2, 09 5:05 PM.
Another inactive member purge of the roster will be taking place Sunday, July 5th.  If you have not been seen or heard from since before June 1st, please leave a note on the forums or otherwise let us know you wish to keep your spot.  Inactive mains and alts will be removed in this purge.  If you know somebody who hasn't been around in a while, try to get in touch with them and let us know if they care to keep their spot or not.

Quick Updates

Aanaren, Apr 15, 09 8:37 AM.

Just some FYIs for those who haven't been on recently.

  • As of last night's WoE WoG has held Reph for three WoE's this rotation. No breaks last night, so no hits against commerce.
  • I'm in the process of doing inventory on the private guild storage. Expect to see a list come up shortly of what is available to have and borrow.
  • We're growing in numbers, now lets grow in levels. Expect to see a lot more private guild/ally (Luna Nemus/Gathering Storm/Twilight Dawn/Freelance Police) parties.

If you need help with anything, we're here to help you.  Ask your fellow members, and especially your guild officers.  The WoG officers are:

  • Dorlan (Guild Leader)
  • Aanaren (Executive Officer)
  • ArchDM
  • Darien Stormhand
  • Haichang
  • Stragus
  • Vodimier

Click on the "Officer List" from the homepage for the list along with alts.

Forum Cleanup

rolandfoxx, Feb 13, 09 2:30 PM.
You'll probably notice a lot of locked threads showing up in the forums.  Now that we've shelled out the money to remove the content limits on the website (and get it a domain), I'm going through and cleaning up lots of the two-part threads.  To avoid any confusion, I'm locking threads that will be moved and/or deleted in the relatively near future.  If the thread is locked, it means it won't be around much longer.

Wings of Glory Has a New Address!

System, Feb 13, 09 10:54 AM.
Wings of Glory has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

(Note: will be active by Tuesday, 2/17/09.  For  now you can reach the site as always. Everything should direct to there once guildportal creates the domain--Aana)
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